Who are The NameBots ?

The first collection of NFT Avatars personalized with your name.
One Name = One NameBot.
There will not be 2 identical NameBots or with the same name.

The NameBots were created by an ancient alien civilization and sent to earth to be the inseparable companions of the human who adopts or gifts us.

For our databases to be operational, each of us must adopt a unique name.

When a NameBot adopts a name, no other NameBot can adopt the same name, which makes us unique and different from each other.

The NameBots are personalized avatars with the name you want ...

Benefits of "The NameBots"


Super Rare

Your NameBot is unique
There will not be 2 NameBots with the same name


Gift NFTs from associated collections, for owners of a NameBot

Marketing Rewards

Earn prizes and rewards for being a NameBote Holder


Membership to the  M.E.S. Club
(Metaverse Explorer Society)

NFT Utilities

NameBots + Engage the Community  = NameBots Utilities

Evolving Roadmap

Constant improvements to our Roadmap as the community progresses and reaches its achievements

More Benefits...

· Full commercial rights for your NameBot

· Exclusive sweepstakes and contests for club members

· Early access or discounts for special editions of NameBots and many other collections and author NFTs

· Access and discount to courses, products and services

· Access to exclusive areas in Decentraland Metaverse

· Access to Merch products


RoadMap 1.0



· COMPLETED Public sale launch
The NameBots are here 🤖

RoadMap 2.0

COMPLETED Launch of the M.E.S. Club (Metaverse Explorer Society)
Owners will be able to access exclusive services and discounts (courses, products, presales, gifts, etc)

COMPLETED Marketing Rewards
NameBots will return 5% of the profits generated by sales to the community.

NameBots Barter:
«Burn» your Namebot and exchange it for another M.E.S. avatar or for services and products.

RoadMap 3.0

Launch of The NameBots «3D EVO»:
3D and animated version of the NameBots. Possibility for owners to acquire their 3dEVO NameBot by burning their 1st generation NameBot.

The NameBots enter the Digital Identity program of the M.E.S.

The NameBots establish their headquarters in Decentraland

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