50 Exclusive Alpha Metaverse Planets

We arrived in ...

I-Magine Metaverse Mission

In late 2021, following the global effects caused by the COVID-19 virus, the Metaverse Explorers Society [M.E.S.] launched the I-Magine Metaverse mission.

Starship I-M Kollector, on a scientific discovery and reclamation mission, made its maiden foray into the blockchain metaverse on August 22, 2021.

After this first trip to the metaverse and the discovery of the first 50 planets belonging to the α (Alpha) sector, later known as the group of "Pioneer" planets, he made two more forays discovering a total of 7777 planets, before they were cut off communications between the MES headquarters and the I-M Kollector.


To this day and despite the time that has elapsed, the whereabouts of the I-M Kollector and its 999 missing crew members in the depths of the γ (Gamma) sector of the Metaverse Blockchain are still unknown.

Determined to know the fate of the crew and the starship, the superior council of the Society of Explorers of the Metaverse put up for sale all the discovered planets, in the hope that their new owners could imagine and narrate the past, present and future of each of the planets and perhaps, hopefully, find out what happened to the men and women who made up the IM Kollector's crew.

Metaverse Explorers Society [M.E.S.]

Metaverse Explorers Society is the pioneering Community of Crypto Sci-Fi Writers on Discord. Our goal is to share and disseminate the crypto stories created around the I-Magine Metaverse collection of NFTs.

Our community is divided into two large groups or roles:

- Metanauts: Users who can read and vote for their favorite crypto stories.

- I-M Writer: Members of the Metaverse Explorers Society [M.E.S.] and owners of an NFT planet who have the exclusive right to imagine and write in cryptographic form the history of their planet or planets.

In addition, being members of the M.E.S. in their own right, they will be able to benefit from numerous rewards and advantages in the form of raffles, prizes, and exclusive access to metaverses such as Decentraland.


Occasionally, there may be other Roles, limited edition, with additional benefits and rewards as in the case of the I-M Pioneer Writer.

One of the main tasks of the M.E.S. is the gathering, editing and marketing on the blockchain, the best and most prominent crypto stories of the community in the form of compilation crypto soap operas.

Each crypto soap opera will be released and marketed in the form of limited NFTs. The I-M Writer authors of each of the crypto stories, will receive directly in their wallet the proportional part for each of the direct sales, as well as the proportional part of the royalties in the secondary market.

What are you waiting for to be one of the pioneers of this exciting crypto adventure!

Benefits of being a member of M.E.S.

Owning a planet grants instant membership to the Metaverse Explorers Society and exclusive access to the planet channel on Discord, where you can freely imagine and recreate the story of your new world in crypto story form.
We will establish a monthly popularity ranking through public voting and the most voted crypto stories may be part of the first multi-author crypto soap opera to be distributed in NFT format.

More Benefits ...

· Treasure pot filled with royalties from the secondary market and distributed randomly to community members

· Access to exclusive areas in Decentraland Metaverse

· Sweepstakes and contests only for Planet holders

· Full commercial rights for your Planet

· Access to Merch products

· Early access or discounts for future releases

... We are working on amazing exclusive rewards for owners and cryptowriters based on a gamified roadmap where milestone progress is driven by community achievements.


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