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驴 Who are the I-MetAvatars ?

In late 2099, after the latest pandemic caused by COVID-99, the Metaverse Explorers Society [M.E.S.] launched the I-Magine Metaverse mission.

The starship I-M Kollector, on a scientific discovery mission on the Blockchain聽Metaverse, carried out several successful missions before communications with the M.E.S. headquarters were cut off.

The fate of the I-M Kollector and its 999 missing crew members in the depths of the Blockchain Metaverse is currently unknown.

Metaverse Explorers Society [M.E.S.]

The Metaverse Explorers Society is headquartered on Discord and its main objective is to search for and rescue the crew members of the I-M Kollector.

With this objective the SPACE BOX was founded, which is filled with royalties from Avatars sales.

Once a month, the Metaverse Explorers Society randomly distributes all SPACE BOX content to one of its members.

馃懡7.5% of sales, including the secondary market, go to the Space Box馃懡

Benefits of being a member of M.E.S.

Any owner of an Avatar from the NFT I-MetAvatar collection immediately acquires membership in the Metaverse Explorer Society and the right to participate in the SPACE BOX randomization.

More Benefits ...

路 Full commercial rights for your MetAvatar

路 Exclusive sweepstakes and contests for Community members

路 Early access or discounts for special editions of MetAvatares

路 Access to exclusive areas in Decentraland Metaverse

路 Access to Merch products

... We are working on amazing rewards exclusive to members of the M.E.S. based on a gamified roadmap where milestone progress is driven by community achievements.


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Why Elrond Blockchain?
Scalable, fast and secure

路 Low gas fees (transaction cost 0,01 鈧/tx)
路 x1000 faster than ETH
路 ECO friendly. The First Carbon Negative European Blockchain

Welcome to the future of money!

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